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My Love For You
Music:  Ziegler, Guzman, Gleason
Lyrics: Gleason
Oh, you're so beautiful
I'm a thorn, you're a bush
I'm not bitter about the restraining order
That's just the way it goes
If you were Jennifer Aniston
Well, I'd be your Brad Pitt
If I were a fly, I'd land on you first
Cause you-oo-ou're the shit!
I could rock your world
If you would let me care
Because I watch you sleep
When you don't know I'm there
I guess that I would go to hell
If wanting you is a siiiiiiinn
Yeah, my love for you is like diarrhea
I just can't hold it in.
I lost my breath
And my knees got weak
When i carved your name
Into my left asscheek
You're everything to me
And i verify that
When I smell your dirty panties
At the laundromat.
I know you said you wouldn't date me
If I were the last guy on earth.
But I would cut my dick off, shave my nuts
And give you all that I'm worth.
If you would just let me love you
It would bring me so much bliss,
So I wouldn't have to hide in the bush
And watch you take a piss

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