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God of Thunder's Ignorant Slut


Birth Name:  Jose Guzman
Instrument:  Drums
Age:  19
DOB:  February 26, 1985
Height:  5'11"

Location:  Deltona, FL
Occupation:  Student
Interests:  Listenin' to the beatles, Playin my drums, Hangin with my g/f alison, and just dancin to the dance machine.
Nicknames:  "God of Thunder", Cochise, Guz, Karma Kommander


In the vast jungles of Brooklyn one dark stormy night, there lay atop the stone gargoyles of St. Jose's cathedral a bundle wrapped in satin. No one knows how this living, breathing, volatile object arrived here, but nonetheless he is taken in by the monks who discover it. Eighteen years pass and the monks who discovered him break their oath of silence to tell him who he really is and make him realize that he is not merely a creature, but an awe-inspiring human male the size of a small buddha. He learns the art of beating rhtythmic drums while confined to his small cell within the cathedral. Within months, he has mastered the art of tribal euphoria, ready to take on the world. When he steps outside, he realizes that he isn't in a jungle, but a vast city populated my millions of erotically challenged people with nothing in their lives but horror and hardships. He then realizes that he doesn't know where he came from. After talking with the monks, they only tell him that they found him atop the gargoyles with only a purple satin sheet and a copy of Led Zeppelin's "Houses Of The Holy" vinyl record. After hearing this, Jose (who they named after the cathedral saint they worshipped) decides to leave the church and venture out on his own. He merely takes not even ten steps forward, where the God of Thunder suddenly approaches him. He tells Jose where he came from and finds out that he too is a god...a God of Thunder. Ignorant to his destiny, Jose turns his back and the God Of Thunder kicks him in the ass. Since Jose didn't believe the God, the God Of Thunder officially named Jose "The God Of Thunder's Ignorant Slut." To prove him wrong, he told Jose that he would have to form a band that would put an end to the misery the people of Brooklyn possessed. The only problem? He needed the men and women from all parts of the nation to unify and become a strong lead rock and roll band. For the first part, your guitarist is in the future...in the year 2040; you must free him. He also demanded Jose to get him an RC Cola, which they don't make anymore. Jose, you ignorant slut.

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