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Birth Name:  Jason Ziegler
Instrument:  Lead Guitar, Backup Vox
Age:  18~~~Wahoo!! I'm an adult!
DOB:  March 30, 1985
Height:  6'1"
"Tall Man & Girlz we all know what that means"
Location:  Florida State University
Occupation:  Unemployed/Musician
Interests:  Playing guitar, Writing and listening to music, Walking about 15 hours a week, and Talking to my girlfriend Beverly <3
Nicknames:  Blazin Riffs Commando, Jay, Cochise, Karma Seargent, Chili Dog, Jay-Z, That Hot Guy, Popcorn Teeth, and The Tongue Master  ;-)


The year is 2040, and the world stands on the brink of destruction. For the past 3 decades the machines have been the ruling force of the earth. However, the human resistance has begun growing in their strengths. Their leader, Kylan Johnson, implementing his jew-riffic combat tactics, and big-nosed musical knowledge, has discovered a way to defeat the growing threat. After countless attemts to take out the "black eye" proved useless, the machines realized that their only hope for success lie in the past, and so begins the story.

The plan was seamless: Create the ultimate creature, one with amazing speed, unbelievable reflexes, heart-throb good looks, and a suave attitude that not even the jewiest of jews could defend against. After months of brilliant designing and hard work, the machines finally had their ultimate weapon. all that remained was to program it to travel to the past and destroy the source of the resistance at a time when he had the least power: high school. However, the human resistance struck again, brilliantly replacing the machines program disk with a copy Metallica's "Master of Puppets." The intervention went unnoticed, and the prototype was transported back to the year 2002, to the quiet suburbs of Deltona Florida.

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